Our articles in English language for foreign tourists, now we present the twelfth edition of the Treasure Hunt in the Langhe

Nuovo appuntamento con gli articoli gentilmente tradotti in inglese da Eleanor Ann Peterson, questa volta sulla Caccia al Tesoro nelle Langhe in programma ad Alba e nei Comuni limitrofi il 1° maggio.

The official program of the twelfth edition of the Treasure Hunt in the Langhe, organized by Turismo in Langa, was presented and will be held on Monday, May 1st, with a scenery of the small and enchanting villages and hills of the Langhe.

The itinerary of the twelfth edition of the Treasure Hunt in the Langhe, where you’ll find the clues, will start from the city of Alba and wind through a hilly area unique in the world, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You’ll travel among the hills combed by the Langa, Barbaresco, and Barolo vineyards until you reach the woods, hazel groves, and evocative landscapes of the Alta Langa. During the Treasure Hunt, it will be possible to visit historic cellars, castles, museums, theaters, and small villages that dominate landscapes of unique beauty in the world.

The Treasure Hunt in the Langhe is also online, using your smartphone. In fact, each player will be able to consult the various tests and clues that will lead him to the end of the search. The hunting itinerary can be traveled by car or motorbike to allow participants to visit a large part of the Langhe area, and, above all, it will be an opportunity to experience, taste and discover the area without competition for those who arrive first. The participants will follow differentiated but homogeneous itineraries for characteristics, length, and type of structures to visit. Along the territory, clues related to food and wine, popular traditions, and the history of these lands will be scattered. It will be possible to visit villages, historic cellars, castles, and exceptional locations that will become the scene of exciting game trials.

The appointment will be in Alba at the credit points, which will be communicated later via email. The teams will be accredited and receive the game kit consisting of a goblet with a pocket, a bag with clues, and an answer form to be delivered upon arrival. Similar itineraries in terms of length and themes will be proposed, each consisting of five-game stages. From the second stage onwards, you can move independently on the Langhe roads. At each stage, you will get the clue to reach the next one, and you will have to earn it by passing a theoretical or practical test linked to the place or by looking for it around you. Each test will give a score to the team, which will be used to create a final ranking. In each itinerary’s last stage, a final gift will be given to the participants.

Traduzione a cura di Eleanor Ann Peterson


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